From: Stan Bennett


What’s up bro? Just wanted to thank you again for being such a gracious host Saturday night. I had a fabulous time. Just played the entire CD for the employees and they love it. So do I. It really is your best work!

From: Hal Brown 6/20/18

I bought the new CD last Wednesday. I have listened to it every day since. Great song choices and excellent music mix. I highly recommend it!

From: Pamela Dodson 6/19/18

Hi Hoppie, I've listened to the new CD. It's so good!!!!

I Love It! You guys are the best. The first time I heard "I Know What Love Is" at Blue 5, I felt the rush of endorphins up my spine and off the top of my head. It's beautifully produced on the CD and the extra long ending is emotionally connecting.