From: Stan Bennett


What’s up bro? Just wanted to thank you again for being such a gracious host Saturday night. I had a fabulous time. Just played the entire CD for the employees and they love it. So do I. It really is your best work!

Wow, you sold it Man you had me on the edge of my seat.  You only get better everytime I hear you!
Mac Gayden

Thanks For Listening!

Hoppie Vaughan & The Ministers of Soul

You know someone has real talent when Justin Timberlake isn’t all that impressive on this song. Not that he isn’t absolutely a top notch artist ... but he’s got nothing on Hoppie Vaughan on this one. If you haven’t heard Hoppie you should go see him. It’s unbelievable to me that level of talent is right here in Roanoke. I believe he is still st Blue 5 on Wednesday nights.
Angela Nicole Ingle here.

9/25/18 Roanoke, VA

From: Tommy Thompson Roanoke, VA    8/10/18

I listened to it once, listened again, and again. It really flows just like an album! Really good, keep it up.

From: Pamela Dodson 6/19/18

Hi Hoppie, I've listened to the new CD. It's so good!!!!

I Love It! You guys are the best. The first time I heard "I Know What Love Is" at Blue 5, I felt the rush of endorphins up my spine and off the top of my head. It's beautifully produced on the CD and the extra long ending is emotionally connecting.

From: Hal Brown 6/20/18

I bought the new CD last Wednesday. I have listened to it every day since. Great song choices and excellent music mix. I highly recommend it!

This is a super great band, (The 

​Proof is in the pudding)........They bring it tight every time, Hoppie you're still the man bro, no bragging like most you just bring it, thanks for keeping it real. 

From: Chef Jeff Bannon 10/31/18 Thank you sooo much for the CD, It's awesome so far,, Boom Boom Room is my fav! But I still got the last 4 tracks, nice lyrics on all tracks, great voice control. You have perfected your craft young man,, be very very proud of your work!

From Karen Kessler Roanoke, VA. 9/6/18

I  have had Hoppie Vaughan and The Minister's of Souls new album about a week now. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. Do yourself a favor - get one for yourself!

From: Erik Mills

Wow!  Just wow!  Your new album sounds amazing!  👍👍